Ascent Vaporizer Review – Pros And Cons

Ascent Vaporizer Review Story

When first came out this vape device cause a revolution among dry herb vaporizers. In this Ascent vaporizer review, you will read about good and bad sides of this device.

This is the first device that I bought. This is my honest opinion about this vaporizer. A firm that develops this device is Organicx. It first comes out in 2013.

ascent vaporizer review

It features some of the advanced techniques that we see today. Many companies start using the same features after it’s release. What are these features:

  • Digital Temperature Controle
  • All Glass Mouthpiece
  • All Glass Air Path
  • Many Different Colors
  • Very Slick Design

For that time it was amazing. To get familiar with this device let me introduce it to you:

  1. Materials:
  • It has ceramic heating chamber,
  • Plastic outer layer
  • All glass paths for vapor

2. Power:

  • It is power by lithium – ion battery

3. Function:

  • It utilizes effectively both wax and dry herbs

4. Accessories:

  • Wall battery charger
  • 2 oil glass jars
  • A pouch for carrying this vapor with you

5. How to Maintain:

  • Digital screen can be replaced
  • It comes with 3 replacement screens

As you can see there are a ton of features. I am crazy about this device. Digital temperature control allows you do adjust everything for your needs.

This is a big advantage. There is temperature for everything. All glass pathways make your vapor taste great. And it is easy to maintain. Let me tell you about a battery.

Because of its battery, you can use it for a god 2-3 hours. Without charging. And charging is reasonably fast. Another great thing about this vapor is design. It is perfect for the go.

Pros Of Ascent Vaporizer

There are many benefits that make this vapor first choice for many users. I am one of those users. I switch many vaporizers and I always return to this one. Let’s count some of the pros:

  • Design
  • Great Functionality ( You can utilize dry herbs and wax)
  • Temp Control
  • Ceramic Heat Chamber
  • Battery
  • Excellent Vapors because of glass paths

As you can see these advantages are numerous. And when you use this vapor for a longer time you will find even more pros.

Cons Of This Device

Every device has it’s cons also. It wouldn’t be a good review if you don’t read cons. There are few cons:

  • Little longer charging period ( about 5 hours)
  • Slightly larger than most portable vaporizers
  • Price
  • It can heat up to dangerous levels
  • Some ground herbs can slip through
  • Cleaning can be tricky

About cleaning, if you use very thick concentrate you will have difficulty with cleaning.

To conclude this Ascent vaporizer review

As with every device, you will experience some range of pros and cons. But with Ascent, you will definitely have more pros than cons.

Very important factor is a price. This device is very expensive. Price range is somewhere between 270$ TO 300$. This can be a high factor in decision making.

But even price factor can be compensated with other features. You won’t regret money spent on this device.


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