Best Vaporizers Between 100$ – 200$

How To Pick Vape Device?

Choosing vape device can be an overwhelming process. Picking best vaporizers for your money demands a little research. So, how to choose? Well, it will depend on a lot of your personal preferences.

We can start from the look area. Do you like vapors that have oval looks? That are similar to a cigarette? Or do you prefer more robust look? Next, you want to know more about battery life? And how fast they can recharge? You don’t want to be left out from your vape.

Best Vaporizers


Furthermore, you must pay close attention to coils and how well it burns ingredients. Do you want a device that utilizes dry herbs, wax, and oils? Or you want one for oils only or weed?

Remember you are buying a product that satisfies your needs. Remember YOURS. Don’t listen to anyone else. If you don’t smoke weed and don’t want to start why buying something that you won’t use.

It is safe to say that for a beginner or intermediate user you can find one of the best options between 100$ – 200$.

Before you decide I made a list of my favorite vapors that are in the price range between 100$ – 200$. I hope that this list will be helpful. And that it will help you to make a better decision. Read about these 5 options and then decide.

Top 5 Best Vaporizers – Price Range 100$ – 200$

       1. DAVINCI vaporizer



What can I say about Davinci? Probably best vapor out there. Sure there are expensive ones. But, for this money you get everything. It high tech vape device. It possesses High-quality lithium battery. The highly portable device fits in almost every pocket.

Unbelievable temperature control. On this device, you can set temperature that suits your needs. It has 3 times more storage than usual devices. Davinci has a flexible straw that you can’t break.


       2. Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer 

mflb vapor

This baby is highly customizable. This MFLB uses alkaline batteries for the unique vaping experience. Another awesome feature about this vaporizer is that is MADE IN USA ( Not just made a HANDMADE). Small size with lightning fast heat time.

Another important feature that this vapor has is a lifetime warranty. This is smallest, and fastest vapor out there. Every piece is handmade and has a unique design. And another great thing about this baby is that is made of wood.


       3. KANDYPENS K-VAPE MICRO-DX vaporizer

cheap vaporizers


It is armed with 3.7v 2200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery. It has 0 combustions. What this means is that there is no smoke just pure vapor. Yes, this device will bring you a new sensation of vaping. Kandypens have OLED display and a temperature range between 350° – 430°F.

It is very easy to pick your temperature, by pressing -/+ signs. You can use when fully charged up to 3 hours.



gpen-dgk vaporizer

DGK is limited edition series from G pro vapors. This vape device is compatible to use dry herbs. It possesses fast heat time. There is also 3 temperature settings that you can choose. DGK series are uniquely designed. They have stainless steel chamber for heating.

And they came in camouflage design. With dog tag grinder.


       5. T-VAPE vaporizer


First of all, this is a simple yet effective piece of device. Another great feature is a high-quality battery. This vapor is set up that you can see your battery life. In addition to his oval shape, this boy heats up very quickly.

Another great thing about this device is that you can vaporize herbs. Furthermore, you can adjust your temperature that suits your needs. In addition to that temp ranges from 370 – 430F, but vape stays cool.

Final Thoughts

First of all, this is the just suggestion based on my personal experience. And not just mine million of people are buying this vapors and are very satisfied with them. Another thing to always have in mind is that you will use this device.

This is portable vaporizers that you can carry with you everywhere. Hope that this list can help you to decide. Don’t doubt this are best vaporizers that you can afford for between 100$ – 200$.


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