Desktop Vaporizers And Portabele – The Unconventional Guide

The Unconventional Guide

Sometimes it is hard to choose or even decide between desktop vaporizers and portable ones. Which is better? What will use me more? There is a lot of questions. And by all standards, it is not the easy decision. Let’s say that you are an average guy or a girl looking to buy vapor.

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And you of course for yourself. How? On the net. You find some info, but it is not enough. There are many recommendations on the web. Both for portable and for desktop ones.

Maybe the best way to conduct your research is to go to the nearest vape shop and just ask. But, what if they sell only portable vapors. Probably they will recommend that you choose portable one. Or another way around.

Another important thing is to know what are your needs. Are you looking to stop smoking? Or not? Are you following trends and want to try? Basically, desktop vapors can’t be carrying with you. And portable are called that for a reason.

Most Importantly you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:


  • Outdoor or Indoor

Are you an outdoor person or do you like to be in the house? Do you need for smoke anytime and anywhere? You can carry portable one. They build them perfectly to fit your pocket. The desktop version has the better battery.

  • Customizable or Not so much

The desktop has better options when it comes to customizations. Even do portables have fair possibilities? But most of them don’t have temp control. With the desktop, you have multi options available.

  • How much vapor

Portable can be carried with you but they don’t produce big vapors. They can be tweaked, but they can’t measure against desktop ones.

  • How much money do you want to spend

Most important part of an equation. How much do you want to spend? These devices can be expensive. You can buy portable for an 80-200$ price range. The desktop is little expensive ranging between 150-800$.

But as with anything they have their advantages and disadvantages. For better understanding what are pros and cons of desktop and portable vapors we will list them all?


desktop vaporizersDesktop Vaporizers Pros

Big daddy in the vaping community. But, not to get distracted we will list all pros:

  • Add Different Features
  • Multi add-ons
  • Delivers big hits ( more vapor )
  • Increase power
  • Air temperature control

These are some of the pros for using desktop versions. They do have multilevel control. If you enjoy using weed maybe desktops are for you. You can easily share between friends. Increase power can help you to experience something unique.

You can choose between two options: whip and balloon types. Most came with some kind of whip. Famous Volcano vaporizer comes with the balloon. There are some that let you use both parts. They are Extreme Q vaporizer and awesome Herbalizer.

The desktop vaporizers provide you with awesome vapor experience. And you will not regret spending some money on them. You will get an excellent smoking product for your money.


As with pros, there are cons also. That is the normal thing. To begin with:

  • They have to be plugged
  • They are not portable
  • Whip vaporizers can heat up a bit ( inhaling can be uncomfortable )
  • Can’t consume all the vapor from balloon vaporizer

Furthermore, the biggest disadvantage is that they are not portable. You can’t carry them with you. If you want to inhale you need to be at home. That is fine if you don’t need to vape all the time.


Portable Vaporizers Pros

Handy little devils. Main pro features are:

  • Size
  • Sufficient to say but – portable
  • Usability
  • Price
  • Vaping of wax, liquids, oils, and dry herbs
  • USB charging

As you can see these are some of the benefits of this type of vapors. They have a small size that fits every pocket. You can use them on the go. They burn everything from wax to dry herbs. You can buy them very cheaply. But cheap ones have some limitations.

If you can buy the pricier device. Most importantly you can charge them with your phone charger. Some of them have good batteries so you can charge them overnight.


Some of the cons are:

  • Breakable
  • Battery life
  • Small parts
  • Expensive if they break
  • Don’t possess quality of the desktop versions

There you have common cons. They do build them with the firm body. And good batteries. But you must remember that these devices are small. They have tiny parts. If you buy cheap they will break soon. Then you buy another one. And so on. Until you figure out that you spend big money.


To Conclude

Most importantly is to know what you need. Then you can choose. If you are on the go person buy good quality portable one. If you don’t need vapor when you outside you should buy some of the desktop vaporizers. You will ultimately use this device.

Among other things, vapors can change your life. On the better no matter what you choose. Stay safe and Vape ON…



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