What Is Herbal Vaporizer And How To Choose One?

Introduction To Herbal Vaporizer?

With current situation with weed legalization around the US, you can see an increase in herbal vaporizer popularity. Especially if you are already been searching for a vaporizer that burns weed.
These vaporizer devices will help you to enjoy full benefits of smoking marijuana. And all that without toxic effects of smoke.

US marijuana legalization

In countries where weed legalization is in process or weed is legal these vapor devices are in demand. They are:

  • portable
  • convenient
  • small size
  • healthier option

The perfect solution for recreational and medical use. This device will offer you amazing solutions to your needs.
Imagine that you are outside and you want to enjoy your dose of weed. Back in the day, you would get in trouble. In this moment technology is change them.
Now, you have vapors that you carry with you whenever you go. The technology behind their design is for herbs only. And, very important feature of this vapors is that they fit into your pocket. Not only that but they offer you wide variety of herbs to utilize with this vaporizers.

herbal vaporizer
There are many different materials that you can use with herb vaporizers. We will mention all of them later in the post. Many manufacturers produce top products that you can buy.

They offer a wide range of devices to choose. I will help you to choose. I will give you guidelines that you should consider before buying your first device.

You can choose based on your budget or you can look for a specific solution to your needs. We will start with answering on question:

What is Herbal Vaporizer?

In simple language, it is vaporizer that can combust weed and other herbal material. Simple as that. It has all parts of regular vape device. Heat chamber, batteries, display, and other parts.
In most ways, this device is like a pen but they can have square shape also. But, you put herbs inside a heat chamber in which you can put herbs and combust it. It is simple technology really.

A vape device heats up herbs using energy from batteries. You will inhale heated herbs through the mouthpiece. Also, you don’t need to deal with any extra equipment. Since this devices are portable and they are ready to go.

It is a very convenient way to smoke herbs like the weed. Since they have a similar build like e-cigarets you don’t have to worry to be seen in public. Another great thing about them is that they are smell free. So, you will not need to worry about that either.

What Are Benefits Of Using This Vapors?

There are many benefits that you will experience when you switch to vapors. Most obvious on is for your health. As you might know, by now you can use many different herbs with is vapors. Even do the most popular ones are marijuana and tobacco.
But, the benefits are not just for your health. There are many:

  • addiction
  • coast
  • flavors
  • aesthetic, and much more

But your first choice must be for your health. Think about that for a moment. When you smoke a cigaret or a joint you don’t just inhale smoke. You inhale many toxic ingredients also.

herbal vaporizer
This is something that you can stop today. And you can ignore it. And if you are using weed in medical purpose you need to pay special attention to this. With vaporizers, you will experience only pure benefits of weed.
This device releases active ingredients of marijuana without any toxic materials that come with joint.
Not to mention that vaporizer you will use near 90% of THC from weed. And with a traditional method you get something between 40 – 80%.
So, there is also important money aspect of switching to vaporizers. This is a great benefit for you. Yes, this device can coast a lot of money.But they will also save your money on a long run.

They will pay themselves up. You need to take this into consideration when you buy your device.

How To Deicide What Device To Buy?

You must first decide what are your vaping needs. It is a simple activity. If you intend to smoke only herbal product that you should stick with a normal regular  herbal vaporizer.
Also, you can choose a vaporizer that can utilize both herbs and wax concentrate. It is a very common choice. And the last one is a vaporizer that can be used to smoke oils and e-juices. Not very common but you can buy this device also.
When you finally decide what you want to vape you need to consider what will be your heat source.
For a beginner vaper, this is something new. But you need to know that herb vapors can work in two ways. One or the other.

  1. Conduction. With the conduction, a herbs are in direct contact with heating element. Because of this, you should expect that your device heats up very quickly. It is a most common way of heating, that comes with weed vape devices. You should easily find vaporizers with this system of heat.
  2. Convection. Your herbs will not get in touch with a heating element. Bascily that is the main difference. Hot air starts to heat up your herbs inside a heat chamber. The main characteristic of convection vaporizers is that they produce steady vapor and they are very efficient.

Factors That You Should Consider Before A Purchase

Before deciding what herbal vaporizer to choose you to need to take into consideration few factors. They are:

  • Battery – If you plan to use your device for a long time you need to buy some with good battery life. Always look and ask what is battery life. It means how long will it last before you need to recharge the vapor.
  • Size – It is very important to buy portable vapor. So, you need to pay attention to that detail as well. Maybe Mighty vaporizer is for you but it is big for your pockets. You should look for something else. Maybe Magic Flight vapor.
  • Chamber – A very important detail. It will determent how much herbs can fit and how long it will last.
  • Warranty – Always look for the best deal for your buck. Why you should pay for something that has a warranty of a year. You should ask for a best.
  • Style – There are almost an endless possibilities what you can choose. With many sizes and colors, you should definitely find something for you.

Beside Weed What Herbs Can You Use?

Most people don’t realize that their herbal vaporizer can use different herbs. Number one choice is still marijuana. But you should try something new. You would be surprised with interesting effects. Always pay attention to a temperature when you use a new herb.
Many herbs have different levels where they produce maximal results. Why wouldn’t you experiment a little? We will not stay long on this subject. We will just mention what are they. Let’s begin:

  1. Damiana. It is characteristic for a southwest part of the US. It has a high sexual effect. And Native Americans are saying that is aphrodisiac. The best temperature for this plant is somewhere between 150C – 170C or 300F – 350F.
  2. Passion Flower. There are over 500 types of Passion flower. You should try to mix things up. But for the best results try this one. It has a mild sedative effect. For the best result burn it in this temperature 100C – 150C or 210F – 300F.
  3. Saliva Divinorum. Highly psychoactive herb. The effect doesn’t last long. I recommend that you be extra careful with this herb. Temperature is 230C – 250C or 440F – 485F.
  4. Hypericum perforatum. Or a St John’s Worth is famous for its antidepressant effect of humans. Be careful if you are on birth control pill. Because it renders it’s effect. Burn your St John on 100C – 150C or 210F – 300F
  5. Aromatics. Sound funny but hear me out. It is very simple. Some vaporizers have a sepcial bowl for you to use aromatics as a vapor ingredient. You just put a few drops and you are ready to go. Heat up between 50C – 100C or 120F – 210F.
  6. Good old fashion tobacco. Yes, you read it right. But not that stuff from cigarets. Buy some good tobacco and put it into your device. For the best result, you should burn it on 120C – 150C or 250F – 300F. Just be careful you might experience some dizzy feeling from regular tobacco.

Recommended Herbal Vaporizer

You have many herbal vapors to choose. We have made a list, especially for this occasion. In the future, we will review all of them but for now, we review some of them. So on this list are some of the best herb vapors.

They are:

In Conclusion

As you can see there are extreme benefits of switching to new herbal  vaporizer device. There is also high benefits of using your weed with your vapor. Not just burn it. And damage your health.

First of all, remember that you need, to decide what is your weed need. After that, you will choose new vapor with ease. As we have said earlier you can check some vapors that are on our list. Read some review and try to form an opinion.

By doing this you will have a broad picture what vapor to choose. You need to think about your health. There are nice vapors out there. Stay safe and Vape On.


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