Quit Weed Symptoms And How To Battle Them

Quit Weed Decision

So, you finally decided to quit weed. You have your reasons for quitting. There are many. Choose one. Maybe it is your health? Or mind? It does not matter.

As long as you stay on the path. You will win. I will not lie to you. It will be hard. Realy hard. Don’t get me wrong I am not against weed. On this site, you can read all positive about weed.

I am for legalization of marijuana everywhere in the world. But if you feel that you would be better of. You have my full support.

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I think that it is normal to smoke weed. But it is also normal to quit if you feel like. We all have to stick together and try to help in every way we can.

The worst part is that you will have cravings. Your mind will try to trick you. If you smoke for a long period of time. Like years. Pain and cravings will be worst.

It is important to know difference between being dependent and addicted. Even do it is a thin line. Difference is:

  1. Dependence is a need for a drug to be physically okay. It does not mean that you are an addict. But you are on the road to be.
  2. Addiction is a very serious condition. An addict thinks only about a drug. How he/she will use it next time. They are not capable of making a rational decision in their life.

As you can see it is a very thin line that can be crossed any time in life. Don’t take this for granted.

Quit Weed Symptoms

You may experience some of the symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Mood Changes
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Headaches
  • Cravings
  • Loss Of Appetite

And much more. These are just usual ones. For the most part, these symptoms are mild. As for the severe addicts, they can experience more serious problems. Some effect can last longer because of the nature of THC.

How Long Withdrawal Can Last

First of all, the duration is not the same for everyone. But for most users symptoms start within a day of quitting and are at a peak after 48 to 72 hours.

This is not very long if we compare it with some other drugs. It is true that heavy users will need more time. Therefore their withdrawal will last longer.

It is also a possibility that mild users can overcome this in their home. But if you will feel safer you can do this in the institution.

Let’s break down symptoms in days:

  • On the first day, you will experience anxiety, irritability, and insomnia for the most part. These symptoms are the most common to occur on day 1.
  • The following day and the next cravings are very high. You will feel stomach pains, sweating and chilling. Most people binge in this days. So, now you know what to expect on days 2 and 3
  • In the following weeks, you need to know that most of the symptoms will slowly fade away. Cravings can be still present so you need to stay strong. This is from day 4 to let’s say day 14 – 15
  • After day 15 hard days are behind you. In sense of symptoms. You will feel depressed for several months. But this is normal. Body need to learn how to function without THC in bloodstream


When you are removing a substance from your body you will feel discomfort. For most people it is tolerable. But some of the users needs to be supervised for detoxing. Especially if you are using more than one substance. Also if you have any mental problems.

It is a good idea to be supervised if you try multiple times to quit and failed. An expert guide can be very helpful in this situation.

For most people home environment is a safe zone and if you don’t have that maybe you are better with the experts.

 Reducing Pain And Discomfort

There is a way that you can help yourself to mild up pains and discomfort when trying to quit weed. Some of them are:

  • Drink plenty of fluids, water is a best option and lemonade
  • Replenish potassium. It is important if you are sweating really hard
  • Hot baths
  • Glass of hot milk for insomnia
  • Try to do some exercise. Yoga or something else if you feel capable

Final Thoughts

I think that you need to be a brave person to admit that you have a problem. We are humans and as a human being, we all made mistakes. We all do.

It is always better to learn from other people mistakes that on your one. But you need to stay strong and fight. It is the only way to be better.

This way you will get to know yourself even better. You will be a winner. Stay strong and rely on your friends and family to help you in your time of need.



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