Titan-1 Dry Vape Pen

Titan-1 Dry Vapor

The Titan-1 is an exceptionally modest and little compact vaporizer outlined and created in China. Truly, at first, I believed that the Titan-1 is only a fake of the Apex Genius by Vaporblunt. With some exception of the minor likenesses like the size and the mouthpiece, they have less in like manner.

Titan-1Regardless of the fact that the Titan-1 is roused by the Apex Star, they have exceptionally noteworthy contrasts. The principle motivation behind why the Titan-1 is so fascinating is the low cost of around 50€ as it were. Thusly, the Titan-1 is much less expensive than whatever other compact vaporizers available. In any case, what would you be able to expect for so less cash?!

Thusly, the Titan-1 is much less expensive than whatever other compact vaporizers available. In any case, what would you be able to expect for so less cash?!

Clearly very little. I absolutely despise it and I truly would have wanted to present you a completely utilitarian vaporizer for such a low cost!


Unordinary Features


From the earliest starting point, the Titan-1 had an exceptionally amazing plastic smell and taste. As such, this is not unordinary. Even so probably, the most reputation units have this at, to begin with.

However typically after you’ve smoldered off generation leavings the odor and taste vanish, altogether. In any case, it took me days to diminish the scent in any event so much, that I’ve set out to place something in the herb chamber.

The own one of a kind scent and taste was strong to the point that I was not willing to place anything in there, at first. My wellbeing is critical to me since that is the motivation behind why I’ve begun vaping in any case. I would prefer not too toxic substance myself by sucking on electronic scrap.

Even so probably, the most reputed units have this at, to begin with. In any case, I’ve figured out how to decrease the scent and taste a considerable measure by giving it a chance to keep running for several hours.


Usefulness of Titan 1 Vapor


On the most astounding temp setting and dousing the silicone o-ring in water over night and still, I can “taste” the items quality, unmistakably.

So the distrust towards this unit remains and I can’t dispose of the thought, that I may hurt myself! While utilizing it! Trust me, with dim contemplations like this, vaping is unpleasant!

Alongside the awful material quality. I have understood that the vapor is to a great degree unpleasantly hot.

Indeed, even on the mid temperature setting, I’ve about smoldered my lips. Likewise, the green temperature pre-set is the one and only that really works for my motivations. The blue one is far excessively hot, while the red one is too low. There are far better options, you can look here.


Final Thoughts


Aside from these negative focuses, I even feel that the titan 1 has potential and it’s not all awful. Nonetheless, they have clearly made funds in the wrong places and the maker has even understood that himself.  Since they are completely mindful of these issues!


Further, they assert, that they as of now have wiped out these wellsprings of issues and later Titan-1 vaporizers wouldn’t have these issues any longer. Truth be told, there are a few people who assert that they don’t experience difficulty with a terrible stench and taste.

Anyway, I need to give a rating in light of what I have received and hence I can’t prescribe the Titan-1 to anybody. Since I don’t think about conceivable wellbeing issues that can be brought about by breathing in these plastic dissipations.



Two or three days back, they have as of now discharged a titan-2 model with better general quality with exact temperature control. I’d like to trust that this one is a decent unit. And I really would give this one a chance, as well. In any case, I would avoid the Titan-1, since you can’t assess at all in the event that you will get one of these models I have or a later unit.

Additionally, I’m not entirely certain if the Titan-1 has a genuine guarantee. Mine did exclude a manual, aside from that there is no contact information. I figure in the event that you have a guarantee case. No one will help you since you can’t reach them.

The Titan-1 has likewise known by the names Summit vaporizer, Wulf Mods Tundra vaporizer, on smoke bird of prey vaporizer, calumet via vaporizer, Vap-O-Nature vaporizer, just to give some examples.

Since you can essentially give the producer a chance to print your logo on it. Perhaps, these re-marked ones will accompany a genuine guarantee. Yet they are sold up to four times the cost of the first Titan-1 vaporizer! Certainly not worth 150€ – 200€, that is without a doubt!

Perhaps, these re-marked ones will accompany a genuine guarantee, yet they are sold up to four times the cost of the first Titan-1 vaporizer!


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