Kanger Top Box – Mini Platinium Review

Introduction To Top Box Mini Platinium

Top Box Mini Platinium is in the house. Nobody can blame Kangertech for letting it be. They keep on innovating, change, overhaul and change.

From the customizable wind stream control frameworks on their tanks to the temperature control innovation in their mods. Kangertech continues tweaking, looking to enhance with each new discharge.

top box miniThey’ve discharged the TOPTANK Small Platinum (it’s additionally accessible in dark, white and red).

This unit incorporates the 75-watt temperature control KBOX Small and 4 ml, top filling Toptank Smaller than normal.

There is a decent arrangement to cover with the TOPBOX Smaller than usual Platinum. I’ll be assessing both the mod since they come bundled together as a unit.

How about we start by taking a gander at each exclusively and afterward return and the rate pack as a unit. You can check device here.

The KBOX Mini Platinum TC

The KBOX Little Platinum is a variable wattage mod with a score of 7 – 75 watts in 0.1-watt increases. In temperature control mode it has a scope of 100° – 300°C in 5° increases and 200° – 600°F in 10° augmentations.

An outer 18650 battery (excluded) powers the KBOX Smaller than normal. You can charge the battery while it’s in the mod by means of the smaller scale USB port and the included miniaturized scale USB charging link.

The KBOX Smaller than usual Platinum additionally has gone through charging ability. That means you can keep on vape while the battery is charging.

It’s fit for terminating loops with a resistance as low as 0.1 ohms. The KBOX Smaller than normal has a spring stacked 510 connectors.

Buttons On KBOX Mini

top box miniThere are three catches on the KBOX Small scale, the flame catch and the “+” and “- ” catches. To kill the mode on or off press the flame catch five times.

To set the KBOX Smaller than expected mode, press the flame catch three times to enter the choice menu.

This will give you the chance to choose the sort of loop you have connected to the mode.

The main choice is Ni 200. Press the flame catch three more times to cycle to the following alternative, Titanium.

Keep squeezing the flame catch three times to burn through each of the rest of the alternatives, Stainless Steel and Nichrome.

Another three taps of the flame catch will place you in variable wattage mode.

Once you’ve chosen the mode you can increment or decline temperature or wattage by utilizing the “+” and “- ” catches. When you’re content with your settings you can bolt the force change catches by holding in each of the three catches at the same time.

The OLED presentation will streak now and again to tell you that it’s bolted. To open the mode press in each of the three catches once more. Also, you can flip the introduction of the presentation by 180° by holding in the “+” and “- ” catches in the meantime.

Temperature Control

In temperature control mode the OLED shows:

  • battery meter,
  • a resistance of the appended curl,
  • the greatest wattage setting (75 watts)
  • and your chosen temperature and loop material.

In variable wattage mode, the OLED shows the battery meter, the resistance of the appended curl, voltage, and your chose wattage setting.


Every component of the top box mini platinum Release performs greatly well, and as a unit that is similarly valid. The Toptank gives heaps of rolling vapor, thanks in substantial part to Kanger’s most recent SSOCC curls.

Every loop has two huge and one littler e-juice port. Because of that cotton can without much of a stretch wick up enough e-juice to stay aware of your vaping.

The 4 ml limit of the Top tank is adequate for quite a long time of vaping.  Particularly in temperature control mode. The KBOX Mini fires steadily.

When set on temperature control mode the wattage setting is set of course at the mod’s furthest farthest point of 75 watts. Because of that, there’s no perceivable postponement between squeezing the flame catch and vapor generation.

This has been the situation with lower wattage settings in some of Kanger’s prior TC gadgets.


This is the place the top box mini platinum truly sparkles, with one slight exemption. In any case, to begin with, the positives.

The greatest component is the Kanger All inclusive TC Innovation, permitting the KBOX Small scale to work in temperature control mode with for all intents and purposes any sort of loop.

At that point, there’s the top fill highlight on the Toptank, which is a great deal more helpful, and less untidy, than base fill tanks.

Add to that the consideration of three sorts of curls and the Scaled down RBA In addition to the deck and the Top tank is a standout amongst the most component rich tanks accessible.


I’ve been using the Kangertech top box mini for some time now, it’s turned out to be one of the most astounding quality items Kanger has discharged.

The Toptank doesn’t experience the ill effects of any of the juice leakage issues that I’ve encountered with other Kanger tanks.

The threading on the majority of the bits of the tank is smooth and the entire unit falls to pieces effortlessly to clean and does a reversal together simply.

The KBOX Small scale is strong and all around machined. The catches feel like they’re made of metal and they don’t squirm around or clatter. The OLED is sharp, fresh and simple to peruse. Also, above all, it fires each time I squeeze that catch.


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