Vaping Benefits But Also Dangers Of Vaping

Intro to Vaping Benefits

When we talk about vaporizers we can easily count many vaping benefits. Since vaporizers are relatively new in today’s world many people are not familiar with pros and cons of using the vaporizer. Folks that use for a long time can say to you that switching to vapor is the best decision in their life.


Field of vaporizers is yet to be tested. Science is not done with the vapors. Many studies are shown ups and downs of vaping benefitsthis device. But, we are not sure whether vapors are very good or bad. You will just have to wait and see.

We will try to give our best to bring unbias review of vaping benefits. Alos, we will write in this post what are dangers of vaping. So, for all you out there who are not yet sure whether to stay with cigars or switch to vapors this can be a great guide.

Health Benefits

If you are looking to quit smoking and lack willpower this device will help you. Everyone who ever tries to quit knows how hard it is. I will not write why you should quit smoking, that would theme for another post. For now, we will focus on vaping benefits in the health area.

Unlike cigars, vaporizers are free from toxins and chemicals that cigar contains. Also, one of the most important things to remember is that you can use vaporizers without Nicotine.  Yes, you read it right. E-juice can be without Nicotine.

We now know that Nicotine is the main reason for developing cancer. Most important to know is that nicotine is a reason why you can’t quit smoking. When you look what smoke can do to your body, a choice is easy.

Smoking can cause lung cancer, stroke, diabetes, asthma and much more. Vaporizers can help you to quit, but only if you want to stop.

Money Benefit

With higher costs of cigarets switching to the vaporizer is an easy option. And most logical one. So let’s calculate together. Let’s say that average pack of cigarets is 15$. Let’s say that you smoke pack a day. We get 5450$. This is some serious amount of money.

This money can be used in the much smarter way. You can save that money each year. Take that money, please. Furthermore, you can use this money and go on holiday with your family. You can invest. The list can go on and on. But, what if your partner smoke as well.

Now the amount is doubled. The average coast of vaporizer are about 100-250$ and it is one time buy. The only thing that you buy is e-juices. They are very cheap. Also, you can make your own e-juice.

The Convenience

This one is an obvious one. Cigarets are banned from most public places. They are banned from most closed spaces. Many restaurants and bars are now smoke-free. Many airports and bus stations also banned cigarets. But, when we talk about vaping benefits this is most obvious one.

Yes, there are places where they banned vaporizers also. But, many are still open for vaping. Vaporizers are not cigarets. If you do not smoke in the house, now you can. See, there are numerous vaping benefits.

I would say that main vaping benefit is for your health. If you have a family you should think about them first.

Let’s Talk About Dangers Of Vaping

vaping benefitsAs we talk early in this post main reason for cancer Nicotine. If you use the vaporizer that has e-juice that contains nicotine it can be bad for your health. First of all, inhaling nicotine is bad for your lungs. Also, inhaling anything that that contains nicotine is bad for your lungs. You can read more about nicotine here.

Furthermore, if your e-juices contains some of the food flavorings you risk a lot for your health. This can lead to the lung disease called popcorn lung. In addition, to e-juice problems, some folks can experience respiratory infections.

Furthermore, there are some bad manufacturers that make awful devices. That bad device can be easily broken, many parts can be missing. In addition to that issues, some devices can even explode. So, be careful what device you chose.

To Conclude

There are benefits and there are dangers, it is up to you to decide. As in all life situations, you put everything on the counter and decide. If you smoke you should stop. If you lose your health everything else does not matter. Vaporizers can help to quit smoking. There are always dangers, but benefits are greater.



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