Vaping Industry – What Is Current Situation?

What FDA Say About Vaping Industry?

All vaping enthusiasts out there are really concerned with a current situation in the vaping industry. And they should be. Even if you don’t own a store, the current situation is wrong. The idea behind new FDA regulations is to protect customers but they fail to realize the importance of dividing tobacco and e-cig industry.

vaping industry

Yes, vaping devices can contain e-juice with nicotine. But more people are using e-juice that have 0% of nicotine. These devices can help people quit smoking. They are here to lower your nicotine levels until you completely free your body off of it.

Distributors now have to label every e-juice with health warnings. Store owners have to charge, until yesterday, free samples. So if you want to try the new flavor you have to pay for a sample. And that sucks. And store owners needs to ask Offical identification from customers. To prevent anyone under 18 years to have access tobacco products.

Furthermore, because of the new FDA regulations, even products that are 0% nicotine must be labeled as if they contain nicotine.

Because of new regulations, small stores will suffer the most. Small stores will have to have a license to sell own products.

Vaping Industry Is Booming


The industry of vaporizers is on the rise. According to SFATA ( The Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association ), this industry will be 10$ billion and more worth by 2017. And these number will grow even more.

According to the – The Worldwide Vape Products Market to reach approx. US$32.11 billion by 2021. That is a huge number.

In the UK more people are choosing vape device over nicotine patches and gums. Vaporizers are an alternative. They give a sensation of smoking. Vaporizer sale has broken through 6$ billion in 2015.

Effects of vaping are still not yet fully unknown. We know much and even FDA recognizes that there are some products that are less dangerous to health.

By switching on vapor many people quit smoking. And many are reducing a number of cigarets that they smoke.

And not just for cigarets, people are using vaporizers to smoke weed. They use vapors to burn and release active ingredients. All these in vapor form.

Because vapors are a healthier option the industry is booming. There are more vapor startups. These field is creating more jobs and investment opportunity.

The Future Of Vapors


If we consider all these information the future of vapors is looking rosy. There are a couple of things to expect to occur in the future.

There must be more research that will prove without a doubt that vapors help. That they are definitely healthier options for smokers. Current research is insufficient. More and more people are jumping on the wagon for vapors.

Most famous is the Nobel prize winner in chemistry  Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. She says that where she goes her vape device is going with her. And much more.

Try to switch to vapor device and you will immediately see results. Your life and health will improve.


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