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Viva Vaporizer

We present to you Viva Vapor one of the best vaporizers out there. We write this review with most honesty.

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viva vapor

This portable vaporizer is great at what it does. It has the wide temperature range, quickly heats, creates the desired results.

However, it’s a slow draw and will require a special technique to breathe slowly to match the device’s heating rate.

Viva offers you balance in terms of usage and satisfaction.
This is one of the best vaporizers on the market.

This is a great little piece of technology and I think you can’t find as good of a dry herb vape as this one.

To unlock/Lock you have to press 5 times consecutively, it is for safety reasons.

When fully charged it has continuous work time 60 minutes.

When a battery is low the blue light icon display flashes rapidly 20 Times. Many of my friends use this device as the first vaporizer and they all are very pleased with feeling that they get from using Viva vaporizer.

Some of the characteristics are:

  • Innovated Technology
  • Fast Heat Up (20 sec)
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • No Burning = Safe

Viva Vapor

Viva is an excellent choice for first-time users, especially new to the vaping itself. Her ergonomics are very good if we know that Viva this is smallest digital baking vaporizer in the world.

It has a ceramic chamber and steel chamber both available. Heating time is excellent for this small device it is only 20-30 seconds.

For its mini design, it fits in every pocket and every bag, you can carry it safely with you wherever you go. Viva is small but very effective, very beautiful gadget.


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